New Year, New Mentoring
Ava Echard in 2023
7th February 2023 -  3 mins read

With the start of the New Year, many set aside time to begin to visualise goals for the upcoming year. Although setting New Year’s Resolutions is a personal process, there are resolutions that seem to continue to be popular year after year. Here, we’ve broken down some common New Year’s resolutions and how using a mentoring programme can help to push you in the right direction.

Getting organised. 

 The simple act of setting aside some time to grow with your mentor can help to organise and structure your life through developing a ritual.  However, the process of developing or accessing a mentoring programme can be convoluted and feel disorganised. Fortunately, SUMAC provides a space to organise your mentoring relationships, and easily access data to be able to improve your mentoring programme.  

 There are a few features of SUMAC which are particularly conducive to organisation. Firstly, SUMAC provides one space to manage all your scheme data and processes- to match mentors with mentees, manage your partnerships, maintain records and plan communications with scheme members.  It provides a dashboard where you can view reminders and notifications in just one place. Finally, the calendar feature makes it easy to organise important key dates and processes  to view them in one place. In short, using design to build an organised life is central to the ethos of SUMAC. 

Cultivating work-life balance.

 Since COVID-19, the emergence of the hybrid or fully digital work-place has put greater emphasis on work-life balance. Many used the quarantine period as a time to re-evaluate the ways in which they spend their time, and to adjust accordingly. Overall, many were empowered by the way digital technology provides flexibility in the work-day and found that connecting with their co-workers digitally can be equally as meaningful as in-person work. Digital mentoring provides a way to balance building relationships through work with the flexibility provided by an increasingly remote work-place. 

However, developing a mentoring scheme without the proper tools is complex. Using SUMAC to manage your mentoring schemes simplifies the process. Most importantly, it allows you to spend less time managing and and administering your mentoring scheme and more time on the relationships developed through mentoring.  

Finding your “passion”.

 Although people are multi-faceted in skills and interests, often people want to take some time to figure out where their skills and interests intersect. Although goals like finding your purpose in life are lofty, mentoring schemes provide a safe space to explore interests and ideas with someone who has been down a similar path. 

 Often, it can be challenging to pivot in career direction or to try out different things to find out what feels “right.” However, mentoring provides a safe space to determine where skills, experience, and interests intersect through developing a mentoring relationship. Finding new interests and skills, while rewarding, can often be an uneasy experience. However, accessing a mentor and organising your mentoring should not be so uneasy- SUMAC steps in to help organise the experience to provide greater ease, whether the goal is to pivot career directions or just discover new skills alongside your mentor.