Just like you, we believe strongly in the power of mentoring and coaching to transform, careers, lives and organisations. That's why SUMAC® is designed by practitioners, for practitioners. Find out more about how SUMAC can transform the way your organisation creates and runs mentoring schemes.
SUMAC features
Make great matches
Forget the spreadsheets. The sophisticated technology of SUMAC's user-defined matching algorithm will suggest the best matches for your members without the fuss
Match individually or in bulk
Choose to match members individually or supercharge your schemes by creating partnerships in bulk - it's up to you
Let SUMAC do the hard work. Automatically match members into partnerships once, at a scheduled time or with a chosen frequency
Customised email templates
Create and save your own custom email templates which you can use throughout the SUMAC platform
Group email
Easily contact all members of your scheme or a specific, filtered sub-set using our group email function
Scheduled emails
Want to contact members on a specific day? Schedule your emails to send at a time that suits your needs
Email attachments
Share information such as information booklets or leaflets quickly by attaching them to your scheme emails
Document store
Upload your own documents and easily share them with your members
Programmable workflow
Intuitive visual workflow designer sets the whole matching workflow, from fully manual to fully automated – or anywhere in between
Customised sign-up forms
Scratch-build your sign-up form for each scheme by simply dragging-and-dropping new questions into the form
Branding for schemes
Make your scheme your own. It's simplicity itself to upload a logo to make your scheme feel familiar and adhere to your organisation's brand identity
User defined role names
Mentor and mentee, coach and coachee, teacher and student - you decide how to refer to the roles your members play, and once defined these flow right through the whole scheme
Easily scalable
Whether you are an organisation of 30, 3000 or 30000, we have a plan for you. With options to tailor your subscription, SUMAC can seamlessly accommodate growth as your scheme portfolio expands
Dynamic data screens
Management of member and partnership records, with sorting and filtering functions paired with instant bulk processing options
Safe and secure
With UK data centres, ISO27001 and full GDPR compliance, you can relax about your data security
Complete control
You control the schemes at your organisation and who has access to them. Easily clear schemes or delete member data whenever you need to
Keep track of scheme metrics with our downloadable reports (csv format)
Cross-join members between schemes
Move members easily between different schemes within your organisation for maximum flexibility
User support
Need help using SUMAC? Request assistance from inside the platform and our support team will be right on it
Helpful resources
All of our customers get access to the SUMAC community with our knowledge base, blog, webinars and practitioner events
Training and advice
Wherever you are at with your mentoring schemes, we can offer training to support your organisation and people
Working together
You can help us shape our product to suit your needs with access to our technical roadmap with voting on new developments
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