SUMAC® update: June 2020

Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson

Jun 22 — 2 mins read
This house will always see improvements!<br />Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Annie Gray</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

This house will always see improvements!
Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

Things to look out for

We've been hard at work fixing bugs, addressing support queries, and looking at processes, refining current functionality in order to keep delivering a great service and to make sure SUMAC® will remain a useful platform for years to come. Here's a breakdown of what's been going on!

New features

Schedule view

Simple to see exactly what you need to see.

Simple to see exactly what you need to see.

After reviewing feedback from the first iteration of the schedule view (which replaced the reminders page on the previous version of SUMAC®), we've made changes, adding in some extra features:

  • Searching
  • You can now search for reminders, notifications and emails
  • Can view dismissed reminders
  • There's a toggle so that dismissed reminders, notifications are included in the calendar/schedule view and in the search results
  • Filtering
  • You can now choose to hide those notifications/emails you don't need to see by simply toggling them off.
  • New date-pickers
  • Can return to "Today" with one click through the the date-picker in Calendar view.
  • Schedule view
  • Note that the default range is now +- 2 months from current date.

Bulk matching + sending emails

Since the aim of bulk matching is to simplify and streamline the matching process, we thought this could do with a little improvement. You'll have noticed the "Match and send" button at the bottom: this now allows for matching the selected mentors and then immediately sending the provisional email. In a future update this will be tied in with a re-worked matching flow in the scheme to allow for provisional or confirmation emails to be sent depending on how the scheme is configured.

Weekly email

You will soon start receiving weekly emails into your scheme reply email inbox. These will provide a stats update for the scheme, showing the new signups by type and new partnerships as well as the change in status of partnerships. Keep an eye out: these will be delivered on Monday mornings, providing insight for the previous week. Feedback on these would be welcome as we want them to be as useful as possible (there's a link in the email)!

Security upgrades

We've also recently deployed an upgrade to the framework we use (Laravel) to bring us to version 7, which is the latest stable version at time of writing. Other updates and bug fixes are being applied on a frequent basis to ensure SUMAC® works as you would expect: fast, secure, stable.

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