SUMAC® update: August 2020

Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson

Sep 01 — 2 mins read
We're in the business of keeping you up to date. <br />Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Miguel A. Amutio</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

We're in the business of keeping you up to date.
Photo by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash

A few days later than anticipated, but not without cause! Read on to find out how we've improved SUMAC® over the last month.

Things to look out for

Not only have we continued to address your support queries - fixing bugs and improving functionality - but we've updated our knowledge base to make sure you'll always have the relevant information at your fingertips when using SUMAC®.

New functionality


The most noticeable update is the inclusion of a notifications dropdown in SUMAC®. You can find this up the top right next to the scheme selector, and it looks like this:

An easy way to keep track of what's what

An easy way to keep track of what's what


The notifications dropdown will show different types of notifications, with an icon showing the type:

  • General announcement
  • New feature
  • New knowledge base article
  • New blog post
  • New social media post
  • Scheduled maintenance

You can see this list with icons and explanations in our knowledge base article.

We're aiming to expand this to includes notifications about currently running processes (bulk matching, sending group emails, generating large reports etc.). Keep an eye on the notifications dropdown for more news on this!

Efficiency improvements

Going hand-in-hand with the new notifications dropdown, we've been working on moving some of the "heavy lifting" to the back end. To give a short explanation - long running processes (email sending, matching, report generation) will be soon ported over to run "behind the scenes", freeing the browser up to navigate elsewhere.

In a future update we'll release this, and also link it with the notifications dropdown so that you can keep up to date with the progress of what's going on in the background.

General Improvements

  • Can now filter the suggested matches on member profile via scheme setting (include those in previous terminated/previous declined matches or exclude either/both).
  • Mobile view now a bit more accessible (WIP - still lots to do), with reworked menu configuration and easier selection of schemes.
  • Error messages now more specific on Scheme form designer, clearly showing issue.
  • Performance improvements on bulk matching for larger schemes
  • Member profiles show fields in the same order as the form
  • Signup form now informs user that data is submitting, preventing double submissions/editing fields when submitting.
  • Admins can now delete custom emails
  • Schemes dropdown now formats in a clear way for schemes with long names

Security updates

  • Latest versions of the libraries we use (Bootstrap, jQuery, others) are now in use to address security alerts.
  • Cookies are now handled only over secure connections and only by certain protocols.

Bug fixes

  • Emails now display correctly, with newline issues fixed
  • Date pickers were causing some customers problems when trying to update information on member profiles. This is now fixed.
  • Partnership reports now show correct dates for Live, Terminated.
  • Note count now fixed on member profiles
  • Dates in emails now show in correct format
  • Back button in email modal now closes modal

Any questions or comments? Get in touch via Social Media or drop us an email - you can find the links at the top of the page.

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