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Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson

Mar 09 — 1 min read
Can we get a high five? <br />Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Jaime Lopes</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Can we get a high five?
Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

We did it. Over a year's worth of work has come together including a complete rewrite of the codebase (blog post coming soon with some details!), a redesigned interface, improved processes and reworked flow. We hope you find it a worthwhile upgrade and look forward to hearing your feedback. Here's the newsletter that was sent out for you to have a read of!

A quick reminder of some of the new, or updated features:

  • Signup form has been completely redesigned with new drag & drop + auto save functionality
  • Schemes can now have their own header logo
  • Emails can now be scheduled
  • Reminders can now be scheduled
  • Schedule page shows both scheduled emails and reminders
  • Reports have been re-worked and simplified, with far greater flexibility in filtering
  • Functionality on the member and partnership screens has been augmented and the display cleaned up
  • Bulk matching now has filters and a clearer interface

The above isn't everything, but it's a good taster of what we've accomplished. For more information, see our previous blog posts:

As always feel free to get in contact, or tweet us/drop us a Facebook message (links at top of page)

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