Change is upon us - doing things differently.

Susan Buglass

Susan Buglass

Mar 27 — 2 mins read
Taking a different approach<br />Photo by <a href="" target="_blank">Javier Allegue Barros</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Unsplash</a>

Taking a different approach
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Adapting to change

We are undoubtedly in a time of great uncertainty, adapting to a rapidly changing and evolving global situation. As such, most of us are adjusting to a very different way of life and working. For some, the idea of remote mentoring or coaching sessions are already a reality, particularly for those whose mentoring or coaching partner is not based in the same geographical location. For others though, the current circumstances mean they may be trying, or contemplating trying a remote meeting for the first time.

This is an extraordinarily difficult time for us all, so we wanted to use this communication to encourage you to continue with your mentoring activities.

We know that mentoring partnerships offer a unique opportunity for mentees to focus on their own development. We understand the benefits that can derive from this focus, and the long-term contribution that such partnerships can make to developing careers, professional practice and leadership capability.

Remote working technology

 Mentoring, as a one-to one process, is ideally suited to the use of remote working technology. It may seem alien at first, but Skype, Zoom and Teams (other platforms are available) enable you to conduct your mentoring meetings from wherever you are, and whenever is convenient. It allows you to both see and hear each other – important when the communication that takes place needs to be as rich as possible – and allows you to share documents, slideshows and other media (through ‘screen sharing’). You can also document actions or notes within the meeting, in real time (using the 'Chat' function in Teams for example) or even record the session, or parts of the session if you wish. You will find that you very quickly adjust to holding mentoring conversations in this way and that you will enjoy and benefit from them almost as much as traditional face-to-face meetings.

Help to maintain perspective

 As we navigate this new and unprecedented set of circumstances, your mentoring partnership may offer valuable insights into your own challenges both now and in the future. We are all coping with sudden and dramatic change, and for many people, horizons have collapsed to the 'now' and immediate future, with many pressing issues and concerns. Mentoring and coaching can help you to maintain perspective, to keep in touch with the longer-term future, to review and re-evaluate plans and to stay positive.

So, we strongly encourage you to move forward with your mentoring arrangements and to schedule meetings as you would in more usual circumstances. If you are in a mentoring/coaching partnership, you will both appreciate the benefits of doing so. If you manage mentoring or coaching programmes, feel free to pass on these messages. All of your scheme members are in the same boat and will equally feel the benefit.



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